Schalamzaar Empire leaves Anti-Antarctic Treaty System (AATS)

The Schalamzaar Empire has left the Anti-Antarctic Treaty System (AATS).

The reader may be wondering what caused the divorce. Irreconcilable differences?

Not really. To begin with, the divorce didn't even have anything to do with the Anti-Antarctic Treaty System (AATS), which establishes, perhaps for the first time, a second party in charge of governing physical and/or virtual Antarctica, as AATS members consider themselves the anti-powers that be (anti-PTB).

This Treaty actually opens the door to UN observer states (non-members), states which are only members of some UN specialised agencies, states with limited recognition, nations without states, and other subjects of international law which are otherwise excluded, a priori, from any membership in the Antarctic Treaty.

So the problem had nothing to do with Antarctica, which according to the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) — a treaty which entered into force on 23 June 1961, and which currently has 50 signatory nations — is all of the land and ice shelves south of 60°S latitude.

No, the problems began outside of Antarctica.

Thomas Jefferson used the following phrase in the Declaration of Independence: "All men are created equal". The phrase is viewed today an "immortal declaration", but unfortunately Americans no longer believe that the "immortal declaration" has any validity, and that is the essential reason, despite current claims to the contrary, why the United States is no longer truly exceptional as a place or nation, as that "garden of Eden" has been corrupted over time. It is for this reason that Margaret Thatcher once said, "Europe will never be like America. Europe is a product of history. America is a product of philosophy." This is no longer true. America has fallen from its original state of grace.

The Catholic Church has also fallen from its original state of grace. It still places religious primacy in unmarried men only, not even in all men, and women exist only as incubators of men. Of course the Catholic Church doesn't use those words, but that doesn't change the essential fact.

The United Nations too has fallen. It believes that some subjects of international law (states) are more equal than others; that subjects of the law, also known as for profit and non-profit associations, have less rights than subjects of international law; and that natural subjects, also known as men and women, have less rights than even subjects of the law.

However, Thomas Jefferson truly believed that "All men [and women] are created equal".

When two or more people are gathered for the purpose of association, whatever the association's purpose, they are also equal not before American men, or the Catholic Church, or the United Nations, but definitely before their Creator.

Each partner to the association tries to bring his best to the association when he is an active participant. However, sometimes a partner, prior to the association, has accumulated considerable property, and sometimes that property is intellectual, more than territorial, and if that partner feels that the rights of all partners cannot be ensured, then the association agreement is contrary to the a priori purpose of all associations, which is to foster, rather than to subdue, human, organisational, and/or national rights. Well, the Schalamzaar Empire still has some growing up to do, if it is even destined to grow into anything similar to an association.

People are stuck in an historical rut. This is true all over the world. Ideas that never went anywhere, and which actually produced pain and suffering only, are being embraced like something new and promising, but they are old ideas that do not have even the potential to carry us forward.

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) has generated truly new ideas, ideas without precedent, and the UMMOA itself is the stepping stone to yet another great creation. Keep tuned to this channel for upcoming details about that. Thus the UMMOA has to ensure that any partner is fully mature and capable of ensuring not just its rights, but also the rights of the UMMOA, rights which the UMMOA holds dear.

You cannot fulfil the responsibilities of the association called marriage without carrying your own weight as a responsible adult. A child cannot handle those burdens. An adult is required.

A nation cannot fulfil its responsibilities to a wider association of equals or peers — remember, "All men [and women] are created equal" — without carrying its own weight. If it fails to carry its own weight, that alone can endanger the rights and the welfare of other nations, so a mature nation is required here as well.

Moreover, only a nation of goodwill can still fulfil most of its obligations, even if fails in any minor detail. Goodwill, in turn, entails more than just recognising the rights of others. It entails benevolence and generosity in equal measure.

You cannot build, or help build that which is completely new, if you are completely stuck in the past, if you are thinking of reviving something old, and it is the revival of the useless, dysfunctional, or old that is preventing not the New World, but the Newest World yet, from coming into being.

Problems between the UMMOA and Schalamzaar did not begin in Antarctica, still a Columbian World, but in a post-Columbian World, which was prophesied in several holy books, and which is coming, as certainly as the sun rises in the morning:

HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
Antarctica FM of the UMMOA